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Hacked…In Life and the Internet


Malware, Break-ins and Travel – Oh My!

Having your website hacked with Viagra and Cialis links is a bit like having your house or car broken into which I’ve had experience with both!  It wasn’t long ago, Easter of this year in fact, that my car was broken into while visiting a dear friend in San Francisco.  After a beautiful Easter brunch then tea in his home, we walked out to my car parked on the street to say goodbye.


I first noticed the broken glass all around the back of my little Rav4…then as my eyes traveled upward I was shocked to see the entire back window broken out (and looking just like this photo!).  I stood there in shock.  Poor Chris was at a loss for words also.  It took a few minutes for everything to sink in, including the fact that 3 pieces of luggage for my 30 day road trip had been stolen.


Our brains finally engaged – Chris headed back to the house for cardboard and duck tape (red no less) and I began carefully brushing broken glass out of the remaining items not carted off.  Fortunately, I had my absolute necessities such as my computer case, toiletries bag and purse with me.


I was insistent on leaving the city and driving East towards my next destination near the mountains.  Once I was on the road fighting traffic with all the other holiday travelers, the situation began sinking in.  Me and my little white Rav4 that now looked like a decorated Easter egg were moving forward…one mile at a time.  It wasn’t time to freeze.  It was time for action.  I’d called AAA, arranged for my window to be replaced the next day and contacted those who needed to know my where-abouts.  Three hours later I arrived at my friends home and was swept away to a fun dinner and bottle of wine in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by redwoods, laughter and great company.


What more did I really need?  I was surrounded by people who cared.  I was in one piece.  My car could easily be fixed.  Only a few pieces of jewelry were irreplaceable but apparently it was time for me to let them go and pray that the next owner would be blessed with them in their life (an ivory carved Quan Yin and lemon citrine sterling silver pendant was to find a new home).  My next 3 weeks were full of new experiences through northern California and Bend, Oregon, before heading home to Arizona.  Life really is what we make it….and I wasn’t about to let anyone steal my sense of adventure, friendships and happiness even though they stole my material possessions.


The same can be said of this little malware hack on my website.  I’ve been forced to learn new things I had been to afraid to figure out, always telling myself I wasn’t techie enough to handle it myself.  Well – I’m here to tell you – a mature dog can learn new tricks!  It’s all about ATTITUDE, BELIEF in oneself and perseverance.


I won’t lie and tell you it’s been easy these last couple of weeks.  It’s been overwhelming!  I’ve tried every procrastination trick in the books!  Haha!  Luckily, I’ve made it through the tough part and it’s motivated me to not only “fix” this site but to begin building a whole new website from the ground up – all by myself!  Whoo Hoo!  You’ll be the first to know when my new site is complete – bigger and better than before!





Connect Thee Dots

Lessons are always being learned! I’m never going to ignore a WordPress or plugin update again! :)






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