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Daily Rituals Bring Comfort


Over the years I have developed certain unconscious “rituals” to begin my day.

It wasn’t until I read Janet and Chris Attwood’s recent book, “Your Hidden Riches”, that I discovered these daily routines, which brought comfort and peace of mind to my mornings.

Have you ever stayed as a guest in someone’s home or when traveling on the road in hotels and found you were feeling a bit out of place or unsettled? I certainly have. I’ve come to realize how my daily rituals are missing…even something as seemingly insignificant as standing up from the bed and opening the curtains to greet the day whispering “hello” to the sun rising. Yes, this has become part of my morning ritual.

To begin my day ~

 give you levitra dosage an idea of what I’m talking about here’s an insight into my awakening each buy cialis dayMy eyes open and before I ingredients rise from bed I visual for a moment how magnificent my day will unfold (even if the levitra dosage day scares the crap out of me due to something I have undoubtedly procrastinated about, causing undue stress for myself)
  • I stand up and spread open my curtains – saying “good morning” to the sun rising over the majestic desert mountains behind my apartment complex.
  • I throw on my pink Victoria Secret sweats, make my bed, gather all the things I took to bed the night before – water, journal, Kindle – and make my 15 second commute to my kitchen and French Press.
  • Between Point A (bedroom) and Point B (kitchen) I stop and light the candle sitting on my altar…speaking a quiet blessing to everyone in my life…near and far… OM Namah Shivaya.
  • Moving on I make either a French Press dark roasted coffee whipped up into a yummy latte using coconut creamer and coconut oil or steeping an equally delicious loose leaf tea. When I’m being a really good girl I begin with the juice of a whole lemon in hot water.
  • When traveling on the road by car I take a little bag whose sole purpose is to carry these important beverage items – including one of my fave coffee cups. Yes, I guess you could say I’m a bit eccentric but these little daily moments are soothing to my soul.
  • Once my natural coffee or tea is ready I cozy into the loveseat overlooking the hummingbird feeder on the balcony. With books and a journal within arms reach…I begin my day with a smile and a full heart.


Simple Rituals Bring Comfort

Simple Rituals Bring Comfort


Does any of this sound familiar or remind you of daily rituals you may have developed in your life? What do they bring to your day?

When my head is spinning or I’m overwhelmed…it is these simple gestures sprinkled throughout my day, which helps me regain my equilibrium, reset and move forward once again.



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