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A Fresh Start After a Walloping Mercury Retrograde!

Whew! I’ve never been so happy to see Mercury go direct as I am today! In the past I always felt a great sense of organizational accomplishment and self-reflection during this phase of the planetary wheel… but this time… man oh man!

It all began with the passing of my 14 year old cat, Opus, on May 20th….just 2 days before the “set up” phase of this retrograde cycle began on May 22nd. The passing over of a significant animal companion has always announced a new beginning for me but never have I felt like I was tossed into 50′ waves in the middle of an ocean storm, with lightning bolts and swells the size of ships!

You would think the last day of this retrograde period would slack a bit, right? Wrong! Yesterday, June 30th, was a monster roller coaster ride into the wee hours of dreamtime this morning! Needless to say, I went straight to my trusty French Press upon awakening!

Here’s the good news… I’m stronger than ever – determined – focused – free from attachments – a friend to many – and my heart has burst open for what is to come! Those pesky oracle cards “Into the Unknown” and “Coming Apart” from Colette Baron-Reid have done their job well and I’m ready to embrace them! I am to “Trust…and all will be revealed!” So here I sit with hands extended to the Unknown. I feel a little like Rocky Balboa all pumped up and climbing the stairs and shouting to the world!



'Rocky Balboa' up the stairs


Understanding this retrograde on a deeper level has been of utmost importance. After listening to the Mercury Retrograde series by Robert Ohotto I saw this

cycle with fresh eyes like I’d never seen before. He discussed the retrograde relay of the last months; of our expansion for greatest potential; re-configuring the “flow charts of possibility”; intuition from our heart rather than our mind; and bringing the unconscious into conscious! So much to wrap my head around but this “dark night of the ego” has allowed me to look upon my life with a fresh perspective. It’s all good my friends!

Time to step up to bat and swing to the stars! Let’s Go Big or Go Home!




Photograph of Flowers: Holly H Rose

Photograph of Rocky: c.Columbia/Everett/Rex Features



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