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Dis-Connected and De-Construction

You’ve heard the quote before: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life”, right? And so it is.

Yesterday morning I had a driving voice in my head encouraging me to hike Sunrise Trail to it’s peak overlooking Scottsdale, AZ. Each step of the two mile hike up – the small, scared voice in my mind kept asking…”what am I suppose to do today, tomorrow, next week?” For someone who has always had a plan – whether it was A, B or C – the last couple of years have been as unplanned as one can get.

When I packed up my belongings in Las Vegas and put them in storage nearly 3 years ago…I had no clue what I was to do, other than leave where I was and go somewhere else. That “somewhere else” led me to Scottsdale, AZ, where I was dabbling on a work project. I followed my intuition and just went with the flow. This business arrangement didn’t work out but it did allow me the freedom of not having any roots so I took advantage of the situation….packed my car with essentials…and took off driving cross-country visiting old friends and reconnecting with them and myself. It was a fabulous 30-day adventure and one I look forward price to experiencing again. Upon my return, I did plant some roots in a natural little “nest” of an apartment. Now, 2 1/2 years later, I’m still wandering in my mind…and still unsure of what I’m moving towards.

I digress…back to the trail. I immersed myself in the desert surroundings ~ the humming of bees collecting pollen, cacti forming their buds and what is readying to flower, lizards scurrying across the trail, ants zig-zagging under my feet, crows calling out, giant saguaro cactus towering above the landscape as if they were the conductors of an orchestra and even a rattlesnake sunning itself as I reached the peak. I breathed in this exquisite energy, filling my lungs with the vibrant energy of nature…. and exhaled the worries, doubts and fears. With each inhale and exhale my mind grew more calm. My body relaxed into a rhythm of walking on the earth. Ahhhhhh.

As my body and mind slowed… my inner voice could then be heard.

My inner voice didn’t hold back ~

  • My business is called Connect Thee Dots but I’ve never felt so dis-connected! Kind of ironic, don’t you think?
  • It’s been suggested to me for years that I was to write….but my fears held me back since I didn’t know¬† what I was suppose to write about!
  • Where did MY passion go? In my past partnerships…I set my passions aside and dove straight into their interests! Ugh!
  • I’ve strayed so far off my original path… and now, like Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz”, it’s time to begin with one step followed by another on the “yellow brick road” or hiking trail before me.


It was brought to my attention several weeks ago through a distant relative on Facebook that they thought I lived quite an exciting “lifestyle” according to my posts on my personal profile. I realized then how I only share the positive in social media and have never felt the need to whine, boo-hoo or play the victim. I still don’t – but maybe it’s time to show more transparency. Maybe, just maybe, others can relate to what I privately hoard away just like a squirrel anticipating winter.

My mentor, Bob Proctor, told me many years ago “if it doesn’t scare you then you aren’t dreaming big enough”. Believe me when I tell you that this little “de-construction” exercise I am beginning in the public eye…scares the “you-know-what” out of me!

So…here I am…taking the first step to de-constructing my life and soul in order to re-connect with my passion and destiny in this life.

Stay Tuned…and Stay Calm! LOL… famous last words!




  1. 4-4-2014

    I want to let u know how much freedom you will feel when you start writing. I too have started this in my own life(:

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