Round and Round We Go ~ New Beginnings or Recycled Rubbish We Need to Finally Release?

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Round and Round We Go ~ New Beginnings or Recycled Rubbish We Need to Finally Release?

The following post is one I wrote in December of 2009. On one hand it was an incredible reminder of the many things I’ve learned for myself in the 5 years since…yet on the other hand it brings an ache to my heart because I seem to be a slow learner since I’m still “calling in” similar experiences. Does this ring a bell with any of you? Read on and see for yourself.

As I think most of us understand and realize… people come into our lives to teach us life lessons and skills. They are usually a “mirror” for healing that we are needing within ourselves.

Back in the late summer I “called” in a person to work for who taught me a great deal about myself! I thought working for him was going to finally be my “home” and a place I could rest my hat for a while since he allowed me to be creative in using the skills I possess. Wrong! He pushed every button I have….multiple times a day!

I took a step back and asked “what does he have to teach me?” From here I enlisted a good friend of mine, Mary Ligon, cialis generic as my life/business coach to get to the bottom of the anxieties/frustrations that were bubbling up to the surface as a result of this new “job”. She began by having me take the Winslow Personality Test. I was shocked to see how low I scored in: Assertiveness, Mental Toughness, Self Control, Self Confidence and Contentment.

These were all areas I had been very strong in years ago but the last few years took it’s toll and where I was once price “super woman”, I now had become “super wimpy”.

She began working with my “core values” and “beliefs”….and after a couple of sessions…I could begin feeling all of these weak areas improving. I was taking control of my life and standing up for myself!! I no longer allowed my boss to talk down to coupon me, manipulate me or

bully me. I held fast to my beliefs. So much so that he began saying I was “opinionated”! WOW! That’s a first! But who says that having strong opinions is a bad thing? Doesn’t it truly mean that you believe in yourself enough to not back down the minute there is a little opposition?

Needless to say, my boss (who was all the things that I wasn’t) and I began to see things differently. Even though I knew he respected my expertise, knowledge and ideas…I think he was becoming a little intimidated by the woman who was growing in her self-confidence!

It was the perfect place for me to be for those months…but now I realize that rather than building up someone else’s business it was time to build up my own!

Everything happens for a reason!

Artwork by Round And Round We Go by xdogs4everx


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