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Fear Is Not the Enemy ~ with Carol Woodliff

Throughout the world we have heard mutterings of fear whether it be on the news, at your neighborhood bar & grill, sipping coffee with friends or voices in your own head as you drink your tea each morning. I myself have been doing my best to keep the lid on this “committee” in my mind. Even with years of personal development, training with mentors and expanding my knowledge of the psyche, I still fall into that deep pit from time to time. Over the last year I have probably experienced more than previous years. Fortunately, I’ve had incredible friends and family to help me muddle through.

Last summer, Carol Woodliff, sent me her new book “From Scared to Sacred: Lessons in Learning to Dance with Life”.  My own life was extremely busy at the time so the book disappeared on my “to be read” shelf. As synchronicity would have it, the book made an appearance yesterday – nearly jumping up and down on the bookshelf as if to say “read me, read me”. Without hesitation I sat down with my coffee in one hand and the book in another…and dove in. The timing was perfect. I felt as though Carol’s Introduction and first chapter were written for me.

The following is an excerpt of the “Voice” speaking through her. I hope it will touch you as it touched me:

Fear is not an enemy to be destroyed.  It is a messenger to greet and discern the wisdom of it’s messages. To grow, learn how to dance with fear not fight it. Be gentle and compassionate; hold your fear like a child. Listen. What is it trying to tell you? Is it truly telling you to do something for your physical safety or is it keeping you from living? Only when you can discern this difference, will you transform.

Whatever fear or burden you carry, there is a home for you. There is a place to rest. There are open arms to hold you and there is a fire of love so strong to warm you. When you are scared, turn the fear over to me. Ask me to send love, guidance and protection. I hear you. I surround you with angel wings. I carry you to love until you remember it inside. I hold it for you. I hold the vision for you bright and clear. I am near. When you call upon me, I am there in ways only the heart can see – perfect moments of synchronicity, helpful friends and strangers, moments of inspiration and love.

More love than your simple heart can hold. I am there. Breathe and fall back into my arms. I will catch you and raise you up when fear overtakes you. I will catch you and cradle you when you are what happens if a woman takes sad. I am pure light and love and I am always yours. This moment til the end of time, I am yours, Love.  Love is always yours.


 I will hold you until you remember.”



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