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Facebook “friending” etiquette


I can’t believe it’s been 7 days since I returned home from my Road Warrior Princess tour of Arizona!

So…what have I been doing since my return you ask? Social Media networking, networking and networking some more! Talk about an ever changing “platform”! I spend hours each day following threads of information from one source to another – learning more and more about the integration of social media into our businesses and lives!

It’s such a blast to put up a new Facebook Fan Page for a client and watch it grow with just a few easy steps. At first it may seem a little overwhelming or time consuming but it will pay off in the long run. Like growing a garden – your social media “gardens” require planting seeds, nurturing, watering, TLC and weeding before the harvest months later.

Here are some simple suggestions to increase conversations and develop relationships:

  • When you are sent an “invite”, take the time to click on their profile and find out a bit about them – where they live, their interests, what they do, etc.
  • When you “accept” the invite…write a personalized message to each new “friend”
  • Add them to one of your “friend” lists.
  • Make “friends” lists – i.e. family, business over the counter friends, peeps, college, high school and on and on. On the “invite”, you’ll see a box that says “add to list”. Click on the box and you’ll see that you can create new lists.
  • Be sure to reply in an uplifting and interesting way when people take the time to post to your wall.
  • Post interesting, informative, educational and fun material on your wall which will keep people coming back to see the latest.
  • Follow the 80/20 rule! 80% should be conversational or informative…and only 20% should be about your product or service!!!! Very Important! Otherwise, people will get tired of always being “sold” and will un-friend you!
  • This is all simple social media etiquette…just like the kind your Mother taught you growing up.
  • Above all else….be polite and respectful.

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather as we enter into Fall!



Originally published on my blog site April 8, 2010

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