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Where Two or More are Gathered ~ My Cat Opus and I

It is a beautiful Sunday morning ~ the door is open to the gentle breeze, chirping of songbirds and blue sky dusted with wispy clouds. Ahhhhhh…

As I enjoy my tea and the morning’s read I discover in print what I have always known to be true (for myself)…

“The original Greek term synagoge referred to a gathering of people who met in a public square or a private home to pray or study – much like the word ecclesia, or church, originally referred to a gathering of the faithful. People themselves form the synagogue or church.” – Full of Grace by Judith Dupre

Since the tender age of 6 I’ve always found myself outdoors riding horses, cleaning stalls on my farm at various times of my life or as I do now…curled up with a good book, journal, tea and my cat Opus… overlooking the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. This “atmosphere” has always been my gathering place or church. A place where I find peace in my heart, solitude for my soul and compassion for the world. It’s a special time for connecting to those I love and care for… such as the touching call I enjoyed with my brother first thing this morning … visualizing friends across the country as they move about their day … reaching out through Facebook, the phone or emails to those who touch my heart… as well as sharing my thoughts via fingers tapping the keys of my laptop.

My prayers today and every day go out to those all over the world ~ for healing the waters, land and air of our precious Mother Earth ~ for love, forgiveness and compassion by all.

Namaste ~


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