About Holly

This Is A Rose Of A Different Color


Social Media Maven – Creative Thinker – Lover of Life – Proud Mom – Loyal Friend – Animal Advocate – Nature Enthusiast

Holly believes that her gifts and talents are a culmination of life experiences. Each “teaching” has added one more “tool” to her toolbox of knowledge in which she can best serve her client.

Born and raised in Kansas City, KS, she spent her early years developing her keen intuition through her close bond with animals – be it dogs, cats, horses, or any other 4-legged or winged creature. She began competing Hunter/Jumper horses at age 7 in addition to swim team and tennis, always preferring to be active and on the go.

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Social Media Services

Integrating Social Media, Your Business and YOU!


“Using social media for business means actually using it. this is a communication device, which means people are expecting you to

be there, to talk with them, to listen to them. They expect you to have conversations with them.

The world of social media is another marketing and communication channel, just like all the other channels you already use. The only difference is that this is a channel where the people aren’t looking to be pitched, sold, or persuaded. They want you to talk to them, to have relationships with them, and to listen to them.” Jason Falls ~ author of “No Bullshit Social Media”.

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Does Your Business Need Internet Traffic?

SEO, Social Media and Your Business


Are there just not enough HOURS in the DAY to get everything done?

Have you determined your

Ideal Client and Niche market?

Do you need help in setting up an optimal social media marketing structure and campaign – reaping the benefits of relationship marketing?

Would you like to create on going business relationships with people who consider YOU to be the expert in your field?

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"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us." Joseph Campbell

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